Big Data Fights Client Attrition
SAN DIEGO—Big data can combine information from a variety of sources to tip off ISOs and agents when their merchants are preparing to leave for another transaction-services provider.
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SAN DIEGO—When customers Google a businessperson, the LinkedIn profile’s near the top of search results.That makes it vital to portray yourself as you would have others perceive you. more »
SAN DIEGO--The acquiring industry is apparently dropping its “wait and see” attitude toward Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that’s becoming increasingly respectable. That goes for some other digital currencies, too. more »
SAN DIEGO—Big data can combine information from a variety of sources to tip off Independent sales organizations when their merchant clients are preparing to leave for another transaction-services provider. more »
SAN DIEGO—Apple and Samsung joined the Electronic Transactions Association this week, providing further evidence that the acquiring industry’s trade group is welcoming technology companies as members. more »
PALM BEACH, Fla.—Hardly anyone at last week’s gathering of acquiring executives could utter a sentence without the phrase "Apple Pay." more »
PALM BEACH, Fla.—Handling transactions seems secondary for the tech giants now entering the payments industry, says Diane Offereins, Discover Financial Services executive vice president—payments. more »
The House Oversight Committee has turned its focus to the role of the Federal Trade Commission in the Operation Choke Point. more »
ISOs and agents are perpetually seeking new value-added products and services that can generate profit and foster differentiation, and three possibilities have come to light recently. more »
PayItSimple, a credit card installment provider, is seeking ISOs and agents to promote its no-interest scheme service to merchants. more »
Ingenico Group is using its experience in EMV-chip terminal upgrades and new momentum from Apple Pay to position itself for the U.S. conversion to smart-card technology. more »
Apple Pay is poised to foment a technology revolution that could force acquirers to rewrite the job descriptions of their salespeople, says a prominent ISO chief executive. more »
Apriva has added data analytics and business management tools to its payments software for bank and merchant services clients, along with a Web portal where merchants can review consumer behavior. more »
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