ETA Forges Ties With Regionals
The Electronic Transactions Association is bolstering its relationships with the nation’s four regional acquirer associations and with W.net, the organization that supports women in payments.
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After spending 2014 digging out of a fiscal slump, Verifone is setting up for an aggressive product rollout in the year ahead as its recovery shifts into high gear more »
Payments innovation usually begins in Canada and moves to the U.S., but that’s not the case for business-to-business payments, a category many ISOs overlook. more »
U.S. Bancorp is taking a fresh look at wearable technology and its potential for payments and other financial functions. more »
Debra Rossi of Wells Fargo is assuming the Electronic Transactions Association presidency as technology and new entrants are reshaping the acquiring business. more »
Many consumers finally have EMV cards or can access the same security through Apple Pay’s new mobile wallet. But will they change their habits? more »
Square is adding global support for its Register merchant services app, a move that enables the company to measure demand in new markets before investing in the distribution of its hardware and other services. more »
Swipely began promoting its services through ISOs, value-added resellers and other third parties about a year ago, and the channel now accounts for a third to a half of the company's new customers. more »
ISOs and lenders are recognizing that business lending’s not a one-size-fits-all proposition, and they have come to rely on merchant cash advances for some businesses and merchant loans for others. more »
For payment technology developers, the stakes couldn’t be higher as the FCC develops new rules that could support or eliminate net neutrality, a system in which web access is equal for most users, regardless of size. more »
Merchant cash advances work better for some merchants, while other merchants prefer business loans. Informed ISOs can help them make the choice. more »
The card networks have come under pressure to lower interchange rates in number of countries, providing ammunition for retailers demanding similar cost adjustments in the U.S. more »
LAS VEGAS—Apple Pay and the card networks’ support is boosting tokenization as a security option for mobile payments, but fraud trends suggest an even more layered approach will be necessary. more »
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ISOs and agents are learning the power of merchant cash advances for differentiation, profit and retention. We explore that potential in this issue and also offer advice on whether to offer merchants an advance or a loan. Meanwhile, we look into vending machines as an opportunity for ISOs and conduct an inquiries into how ISOs and agents can nudge retailers toward data security. Last but not least, we urge ISOs to keep up with technology so that they can keep their clients informed.
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