Choke Point Interferes With Legitimate Commerce, Acquirers Claim
Operation Choke Point, the federal government’s initiative to use the payments industry to thwart merchant fraud, is making ISOs and agents cope with lawsuits, subpoenas and uncertainty.
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The Justice Department's Operation Choke Point isn't really about combatting fraud—regulators simply don't like high-risk merchants, says the ETA's Jason Oxman. more »
Clearent processed $4.4 billion in transaction volume last year, an increase of 61% over the previous 12 months. more »
BitPay, a Bitcoin merchant services provider, has launched a referral program to provide incentives to digital currency enthusiasts who sign up small merchants. more »
American Express’ network rules have deterred Discover from using lower interchange rates to lure more merchants, a high-ranking Discover executive testified in federal court. more »
U.S. consumers, whose use of revolving debt fell by more than 15% once the Great Recession hit, are finally re-embracing the credit card. more »
Optimistic predictions aside, many Americans remain unaware or even skeptial of paying with their smartphones. more »
The decision to deploy EMV chip-and-signature credit cards in the U.S., instead of the chip-and-PIN model common in other countries, has a lot to do with technology constraints. more »
A veteran acquiring executive describes recent changes at First Data Corp. as “the awakening of a sleeping giant.” more »
Independent Resource Network Corp., a Westbury, N.Y.-based ISO, has agreed to pay $400,000 and waived its right to funds in a merchant’s reserve account to settle a civil suit. more »
Using President Teddy Roosevelt’s “Square Deal” as inspiration, API Software Inc. has created an app ISOs can use to help merchants tabulate the best payment services deals. more »
Although smartphones and tablets are capturing the imagination of consumers, we haven’t even begun to relalize their potential value for merchants. more »
The financial services industry sets the pace for technology innovation. Wall Street’s role as an allocator of capital and the industry's need for massive amounts of data have a lot to do with that.. more »
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This issue contains the biggest-ever edition of the annual Fact Book. We hope you find it useful. We also check in with Steve Eazell, outgoing president of the Western States Acquirers Association, and Dan Geraty, CEO of Clearent. We even attempt to satisfy our curiousity about when mobile payments will take hold with consumers and why the U.S. seems to resist chip-and-pin.
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