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Some key catalysts for the next evolution of financial services are already obvious to the industry. But there are exogenous forces, both demographic and economic, that could pose existential threats to aspects of the business as conducted today. Inside, an examination of those potential sources of upheaval and ideas on how the industry might adapt.
The payments industry is a hotbed of innovation, and many of its larger players are eager to claim patents on new developments.
January 24
While the size of the global remittances market may ebb and flow with the global economy, one thing is clear – it’s massive, at over $700 billion in payments each year and growing.
January 23
While not as large as the U.S. both in number of people and number of credit card owners, the U.K. remains a very lucrative market for issuing banks and card networks, as well as a host of alternative financial service providers catering to younger, underserved consumers.
January 17
The National Retail Federation's annual conference, taking place this week in New York, is home to many innovations that could change the way merchants accept payments.
January 15
A strong economy in 2020 could lift the small-business card market, which is an important source of lending and payments for entrepreneurs and local merchants.
January 10
The annual Consumer Electronics Show, taking place in Las Vegas, is a showcase of bizarre and revolutionary new technologies — with a few providing glimpses into the future of fintech and payments.
January 8
Despite the convenience wearable payments hold, there are still obstacles that remain. Some factors are cultural, such as cash usage, or even more deep seated in the human mind, such as concerns over security.
January 3
2019 kicked off with a series of large, multibillion-dollar acquisitions that promised to forever change the landscape of the payments industry. And while those big deals were clustered at the start of the year, many other pivotal deals took place over the course of the year.
December 30
Paysafe surveyed over 200 ISVs and this is what they had to say about payment integrations.
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